Latest Horsham district burglaries

Latest break-ins
Latest break-ins

Here are the latest burglaries or attempted burglaries in the Horsham district in the past week or two as reported to the police.

- Bishopric, Horsham, between 8am and 10pm on April 2.

Attempt was made to gain entry to flat. No entry made and nothing was stolen.

- Windmill Lane, Henfield, between 7pm March 29 and 6am March 30.

Door to shed had been forced, nothing stolen.

- Sandy Lane, Henfield, 4am March 30.

Attempt was made to enter sheds, damage caused, nothing stolen.

- Sandy Lane, Henfield, between 7.30pm March 29 and 7.15am March 30.

Garage broken into and power tools stolen.

- Crawley Road, Faygate, over a period of time.

Attempt to steal two farm vehicles.