Latest burglaries carried out in Horsham district


A number of burglaries were carried out last week on properties in the Henfield and Woodmancote area and residents are being asked to be extra vigilant with regards to securing property.

Sussex Police say that most of the burglaries that were reported were on properties not locked or secure.

Here are the most recent incidents as reported to the police:

- Whitehall Drive, Ifield, between 11.30am – 3.40pm on April 9.

Entry was gained to the house by breaking a double glazed back door, jewellery was stolen along with bank cards and a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

- Martyn Close, Henfield, between 7.30pm – 8.50pm on April 9.

An insecure door was entered, nothing stolen.

- Wheatsheaf Road, Woodmancote between 11.30am – 1.30pm on April 10.

Insecure property was entered and power tools were taken.

- Pevensey Road, Southwater between 8pm on April 10 and 8.20am on April 11.

Property entered after glass in front door was broken, nothing stolen.

- Manor Way, Henfield between 2pm – 2.20pm April 6.

Entry was gained via insecure property, stole handbag from hallway.

- Gresham Place, Henfield between April 3-6.

Petrol mower was stolen from a shed.

- Hooklands Lane, Shipley between 6pm April 10 and 6.45am April 11.

A vehicle was stolen from an outbuilding.

- Swallows Lane, Dial Post between April 10 - 12.

Entry was gained to a shed by unscrewing hinges. Power tools were stolen.