Horsham and Southwater ‘particularly affected’ by violent crime

Violent crime has surged to 2,500 cases in the Horsham District, a police officer has said.

Inspector Jim Loader of the Sussex Police Horsham Prevention Team said there was a number of youth related incidents during the school summer holidays, according to a Horsham District neighbourhood watch report.



The officer said violent crime was up by 444 with Horsham and Southwater ‘particularly affected’, the report added.

Thefts from vehicles were also up from 300 to 371 in 12 months. At the neighbourhood watch’s annual meeting in Billingshurst, guest speaker Inspector Loader urged drivers to remove valuables from vehicles and check they are locked to combat the ‘ongoing trend’.

The report said there has been a decrease in the number of nuisance and environment ASBO incidents, but the number of personal ASBO incidents has risen - often related to disputes between neighbours.

Inspector Loader added that the police are taking action to address these issues and new officers are being introduced, according to the report.

He urged the public to ‘report everything that they see’ to the - police, and not just use social media.

At the meeting, chairman Andrew Moffat, joined by co-ordinators and parish wardens, welcomed the second guest speaker, John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of National Neighbourhood Watch Network.

He told the meeting neighbourhood watch is about creating more connected, safer and stronger communities by emphasising the importance of being neighbourly, and providing crime prevention information and advice.

For more about Neighbourhood Watch in the Horsham area, visit http://www.horshamnhw.btck.co.uk/, https://www.facebook.com/horshamneighbourhoodwatch/; or email horshamnhw@gmail.com or secretary.horshamnhw@outlook.com.

Sussex Police have been approached for comment.

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