Haul of gold taken from Worthing home

Police are investigating after a haul of gold coins, medals and jewellery have been taken from a house in Worthing over a four month period.

There has been no signs of a burglary at the property in Browning Road but items of clothing, coins, two passports, World War One and World War Two medals and jewellery have been taken from various rooms in the home.

This includes three gold sovereigns of which two were early Victorian and one was a Channel Island sovereign. A golden jubilee commemorative double sovereign, a silver American dollar dated 1881, three World War One campaign medals with the name Thomas Reginald Horsley Dibble on each and one long service territorial medal in a case.

There was also three World War Two medals - the Italian star, the African star and Atlantic star and a World War victory medal issued in 1945, a gold oval

pendant style locket with the name Marion engraved and a gold oval locket with a diamond set in the middle and message engraved in French inside it.

PC Nick Bartlett said: “It is unclear how these items have been stolen. Many of them have been left to the victims by their relatives and are of sentimental value as well as being worth several thousands of pounds.”

Anyone with information, should contact police on 101 quoting serial 1032 of 15/12.