‘Disturbing behaviour’ billed at more than £400

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A ‘DISTURBING level of anti-social behaviour and vandalism’ has caused damage valued at more than £400 to the Roffey Millennium Hall.

The Crawley Road venue, designed for use by the whole North Horsham community, has been targeted by vandals in a spate of attacks this year.

Damage inflicted on the site in January alone was billed at £400.

Now the North Horsham Parish Council (NHPC) is appealing for information in a bid to aid police investigations.

An article entitled ‘we have a problem’ in the NHPC Spring newsletter reads: “It [Roffey Millennium Hall] is currently being subject to a disturbing level of anti-scoial behaviour and vandalism, sadly by members of the community.

“The most disturbing behaviour, however, is that the perpetrators are gaining access to the roof of the building.”

The article goes on to highlight the ‘obvious’ dangers, including air conditioning units with a ‘myriad of moving parts - just the thing to rip off a finger or two’.

It continues: “There are no lights up on the roof - and it would so very easy for one of these young people to lose their footing and go crashing onto the pavement below (sic).

“There are a number of sky lights up there, which could so easily be stepped into in the dark, sending another young person crashing into the room below.

“The parish council is currently looking at various measures to prevent these occurrences - but which will come at a cost - again to be borne ultimately by, you, the council tax payer.”

It adds: “All incidents are reported to the police, together with any information that may identify the culprits. And the parish council will have no hesitation in assisting with any prosecutions that may be bought.”

Anyone with information should contact Sussex Police on 101.