Cow stuck in ditch at Horsham nature reserve

Firefighters helped to rescue a cow when it got stuck in a ditch at a Horsham nature reserve.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 5:09 pm

The cow - one of Horsham District Council’s herd of British White cattle - got itself into Boldings Brook at Warnham Local Nature Reserve and was unable to climb out.

Council countryside and ecology manager Jake Everitt was doing a final evening livestock check when he discovered the animal’s plight on Thursday night.

He summoned reinforcement from countryside colleagues Samuel Giacomelli and Pete Crawford and the team then turned to West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service for help.

Fire crews helped to rescue a cow at Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Their technical unit arrived quickly on the scene along with a team from Horsham Fire Station. Two fire officers entered the brook in dry-suits, trying to persuade the animal out.

When this failed, a lengthy extraction process followed and the cow was finally dragged to safety using a powered winch.