County council reveals intention to freeze its council tax element for 2014/15

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Latest news.

West Sussex County Council has revealed its intention to freeze its element of the council tax bill for 2014/15.

Michael Brown (Con, Fernhurst), WSCC’s cabinet member for finance, made the announcement at a meeting today (Friday December 13).

During the meeting councillors discussed proposals for £61.7m savings over the next two financial years.

Mr Brown said: “It will mean that until March 2015, council tax for West Sussex County Council services will still be levied at the rate first voted on in this chamber in February 2010.

“I believe that the money can do more economic good when spent by West Sussex residents than by the County Council on their behalf.”

Budget proposals for 2014/15 will be finalised in February.

Other precepting authorities may choose to raise their element of the council tax bill.

More to follow.