Controversial skate park plan re-visited

SKATEBOARDING is back on the agenda in Steyning.

Last May the parish council abandoned plans for a skateboard facility near Steyning Football Club in Shooting Field - and just 13ft from local homes - after it attracted widespread opposition on the grounds of noise and disturbance.

Now, a new proposal for a site in the town’s Memorial Playing Fields has been subject to extensive consultation.

A commissioned noise report was carried out at the new site in the summer. Last week after full consideration of this report and visits to other skateboard facilities by councillors, Steyning Parish Council is now going to call a public onsultation meeting so that it can fully present findings and listen to the views of residents regarding this proposal.

The meeting will be held on Saturday January 28, at 3pm at the Steyning Centre. The show of hands at the meeting will be strictly restricted to residents of Steyning Parish who appear on the electoral register at the time of the meeting.

Meanwhile the parish council has set its budget for 2012/13 at £162,560 – an increase of 2.95 per cent over last year. The Parish element of Council Tax will equate to a contribution of £59.81 p.a. per property for an average Band D property or only 13p per month more than at present. There will be no cost of living increase in the salaries of staff in 2012/13 but many costs in other areas have increased which are beyond the parish council’s control.

Chairman David Barling, said the council had incorporated a small increase to cover the cost of emptying the litter bins in the High Street more frequently.

“We have also had to increase the budget for the maintenance of the enhanced police CCTV in the High Street.

“We have made economies where possible,” he added.