Concern that oil spill from Dorset has now spread to our area

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FEARS have been raised that an oil slick in Dorset has spread to the area after a bird was found covered by the sticky substance in Lancing.

A guillemot was found covered in the vegetable palm oil on Thursday at Lancing beach.

The animal was taken by Worthing And District Animal Rescue Service (WADARS) to Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital, in Upper Brighton Road, and has since been cleaned up.

However, Billy Elliott, senior animal rescue officer at WADARS, said it was likely there would be more animals affected by the spill in the area.

He said: “They don’t normally come on to the beach like seagulls so if there’s one on the beach it’s 99 per cent there’s something wrong with them.

“Guillemots are divers so if there’s any oil on the surface they will get covered.

“Their wings need to be 100 per cent.”

The oil spill in Dorset is believed to have happened last week, attracting attention from the national media.

But Billy said people should not attempt to clean the oil-covered animals themselves.

He added: “There has been some suggestions in the media that people can clean the birds with margerine and washing-up liquid.

“But we would advise people if they see a guillemot or razorbill to contact WADARS.

“They do have a sharp beak and they will use it.”

To contact WADARS, phone 0300 3030999 and select option one.