Community allotment team ‘proud’ of project’s success

Allotment manager Ann Headon and assistant Eric Weller D14301798a
Allotment manager Ann Headon and assistant Eric Weller D14301798a

RESIDENTS and councillors visited the Southlanders Community Allotment for its annual open day on Monday.

Volunteers who work on the allotment, in Williams Road, Shoreham, were there to show people around.

People were also offered refreshments from the greenhouse and the chance to sit and chat about the work there.

The greenhouse was funded by a grant from Adur District Council and last July, wheelchair-accessible paths were created with the help of a further grant.

Southlanders allotment manager Ann Headon said there were a lot of vegetables and fruits growing, with the current crop including late raspberries and early runner beans.

She pointed out the handmade anti-slug device, based on a tip from another allotment holder and used to protect some of the vulnerable plants.

“It worked on the winter broccoli,” she explained.

“You put a milk carton over the plant when it is first trying to establish and netting around. Then the slugs can’t climb up.”

Eric Weller, who does a lot of work on the allotment with Ann, said its success was partly down to her keen eye for weeds.

“Ann loves weeding and she can spot a weed that is only an inch high from a hundred yards,” he said.

“We are very proud of the allotment. We just had some lovely strawberries.”

Mr Weller prepares some of the plants at his home in Franklin Road, Shoreham, then transfers them to the allotment once they are established.

“I can look after them properly that way,” he explained.

Pensioners from Southlanders Community Café have painted pots for the greenhouse and some of the group will be taken down to the allotment in the next few weeks to plant up mustard and cress.

The produce, including swede, beetroot, courgettes and onions, is sorted out and sold in small quantities at low prices to the café users on Monday and Friday mornings. The café is open 9am to midday on Mondays, and 10.30am to 12.30pm on Fridays.

There is also an exercise session on Fridays from 9.30am to 10.30am and a free internet café from 11am.

Volunteers help with regular watering on the allotment but more help is always needed. Visit for more details or telephone 07919651212.