Comedian Jo impressed by Mod Ben’s special brand of magic

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A Crawley mod magician is fast becoming a rising star after performing for some of Britain’s top comedians.

Ben Taylor, 22, known as Magic Mod, has taken a star studded path to fame by performing at several high profile shows including a Crystal Palace FC comedy night in London where he performed for Jo Brand, Alan Davies and Kevin Day.

The magician from Tilgate put on a show for an audience of around 1,200 in the intervals of the comedy performances.

Ben said: “I had to try to chuck in a few one liners which was quite difficult next to all them big comedians.”

Ben was invited to the VIP section and given star treatment.

He said: “After the show, they said, ‘Come have a drink with us’. A year ago they wouldn’t have even batted an eye lash at me. It was unbelievable.

“It was all free. Some celebrities really know how to drink!”

By the end of the night, Ben felt like a true star.

“They said, ‘We’ve called the chauffeur,’ and I was like, ‘What I’m fine ,I’ll get the train’.

“I went outside and saw the private cab with blacked out windows. So I put my sun glasses on and milked it.”

The rising star has had many glimpses of fame after appearing on Off the Bar on Loaded TV, where he met TV presenter Eamonn Holmes and a video of his magic tricks was chosen to feature on the website of Liam Gallagher’s clothing line, Pretty Green.

Ben said he was still in shock by the way he was treated by Jo Brand.

He said: “Jo came up to me and asked to have a picture with me. Before the show she probably thought I was one of those people that stalks them but I showed her a few tricks and she was blown away.

“I really would have thought she would have seen it all before but her reaction was unbelievable.”

Ben said Alan Davies, best known for playing the lead role in Jonathan Creek and being a panellist on QI, was a ‘really nice bloke’.

Next on Ben’s glitzy agenda is a performance at a Mod Festival Portsmouth Pyramids on October 12 where he will meet some of his music idols.

His name and face have been used alongside some of his biggest heroes on posters advertising the event.

The show will include performances from Terry Hall from The Specials, Bruce Foxton from The Jam, and Bonehead from Oasis.

Ben it was ‘an honour’ to be part of it, adding: “I want to get as many celeb contacts to get my name out there. I want everyone to know about me.”