COLUMNIST: Mike Mendoza on jobs and youth involvement

IT has been quite a week, with potential employers vying to offer work experience opportunities and/or apprenticeships to school leavers via several job events in our district.

Northbrook College has always been at the fore with this type of event, with the launch of Careers and Apprenticeship Week last week, culminating in a jobs fair, spearheaded by Tim Loughton MP on the Saturday.

I opened the event along with Worthing mayor Bob Smytherman. There was a fantastic turnout of potential employers and it was well attended by those seeking future employment and advice.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I attended the annual Apprenticeship Celebration evening at Northbrook College. This is always a great event, where students are presented with certificates acknowledging their success in obtaining apprenticeships. I don’t remember anything like this in my time at school or college.

On Monday, Bob and I linked up again, to ‘stand in’ for the Queen and raise a flag for the Commonwealth.

When I was young, the Commonwealth (and Empire) meant a lot to us. I remember it well, as we all celebrated Empire Day on May 24 and usually it meant a half-day off from school. Sadly, the Empire went into decline and Commonwealth Day was born in 1966. Hopefully, this new incentive will help to rekindle the International understanding that existed and hopefully still exists to this day.

Crest Nicholson, the builders who developed the Orchard Gate site at Southlands Hospital, is offering, free to a good home, a scale model of the entire development.

The model cost a couple of thousand pounds to make. It is totally hand made, encased in heavy duty plastic and ready to be picked up any time in the next few days, or it will be heading to the dump.

If you think you can make use of this rather unusual item, please make contact with me at the Civic Centre, or call the Crest Nicholson sales office on 0870 3363991.

As I am sure you are aware, district and Euro elections are about to take place. If you are already registered to vote but would prefer to vote via post, then your completed postal vote application must arrive at Worthing Town Hall by May 7. You can request a postal vote application on-line or call 01903 221015.

Quite often, when I am attending an event, I meet up with Bob and he sometimes has the youth mayor with him as well. There are two youth councils, one for Adur and one for Worthing.

Worthing is thriving and vibrant, with all members full of enthusiasm. Sadly, Adur has not enjoyed the same take up.

Adur Youth Council meets at Lancing Parish Hall and works in a very similar way as the ‘grown up’ council does.

The aims of the council are to operate as an apolitical body for the good of all the young people of Adur, to provide the youth of Adur with a voice and a conduit to the adult councilors, to address the negative stereotypical image of young people, and to highlight issues which apply to the young people of Adur.

The youth council works under the guidance of Shirley Robinson-Viney, who would love more young people in the district to get involved. If you think you can raise the flag for the younger generation, please give Shirley a call on 07970 592433.

Shoreham Beach, for the summer season 2014, will display a sign that will profile the beach, display water quality and detail potential sources of pollution.

The sign will be on display on the beach at the end of Ferry Road.

Shoreham Beach is now what is known as EU designated bathing water. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will constantly check the water to ensure that bathers are totally safe.

I head off now for a busy week and look forward to telling you all about it next week. Hopefully we will be spending some time in the sun.