Clubs: Give your social life a pick-me-up with Probus

Paul Makinson invites new members to join Probus

Our club was founded in 1995 and consisted of 20 members.

jpco-15-5-13 Paul Makinson (Pic by Jon Rigby)

jpco-15-5-13 Paul Makinson (Pic by Jon Rigby)

They were drawn from the waiting lists of the three other Probus clubs that existed in Crawley at that time. This was done by mutual consent between the clubs.

The aim of the club is for local men who have retired or are semi-retired to get together with like-minded men on a regular basis, socialise over lunch, make plans for visits to places of interest and organise holidays here and abroad which, in the past, they were not able to do due to possible family and work place pressures.

The very first activities were golf and cross country walks.

The members are kept busy with a range of different activities which include bowls, golf, quiz evenings, 10-pin bowling, skittles to name but a few of the pastimes they get up to.

They enjoy long weekends in hotels up and down the country and also visit many places on the Continent.

Recently, they enjoyed a seven-day cruise on the Nile, last year they visited Lake Maggiore for a week, having spent a week in Lake Garda the previous year, and this year they are spending a week in Croatia.

My first outing with the club was a long weekend in Luxembourg and I am told that when on a long weekend in Paris the hotel was so disorganised the members had to do the washing up themselves!

There is no compunction for members to take part in all or any of these activities.

We have several members who just like to meet up with old friends and enjoy a lunch and a glass of wine.

They don’t forget the ladies either.

Twice a year they hold a ladies lunch, they have regular coffee mornings; there is a summer buffet lunch and a Christmas lunch.

Naturally the ladies are invited to all the activities the club organise.

In times of stress or sickness the club gives all the support possible.

They have a welfare officer whose duties include keeping in touch with members or their partners who are poorly and need help in one way or another.

These problems are reported to the club and the appropriate action is taken.

If a member feels he can no longer take part in the club’s activities he can apply to be an Associate Member and is then entitled to take part in any of the club’s events if he wants to.

He need not attend meetings and his annual subscription is reduced.

Widows automatically become Honorary Associate Members and enjoy the same privileges as Associate Members.

The club has 51 members and by actively promoting itself using community web sites, articles in local magazines and newspapers, leaflets distributed all over Crawley including noticeboards in local shopping precincts and word of mouth hopes to increase that to 60.

Why not come along to the Hawth one Wednesday, have some lunch, meet some of the members and find out for yourself what we are like.

If you are interested in giving us the once over, ‘phone Paul Makinson on 01293 402868 or e-mail