Clever kids’ success in maths challenge

jpco-27-3-13 Maths passport prize giving event at Laser Hub (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-27-3-13 Maths passport prize giving event at Laser Hub (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Nine children have been named winners of a maths competition which involved 7,000 youngsters and 47 businesses across the town.

Sixteen primary, junior and secondary schools in Crawley took part in the Out and About Maths passport challenge with the winners announced at a prizegiving event at Laserhub, Spindle Way.

The challenge was set up three years ago by headteachers in six schools and has run every year since.

Organiser Dean Smart, assistant headteacher at Bewbush Academy, explained that children had to achieve maths targets such as working out their change when they paid for an item.

He added: “The idea is to get the kids practising their maths skills in their community so they see that maths is needed outside of school.

“Each child in schools involved is given a passport. In each passport one of the targets will be highlighted.

“The children get a box stamped every time they use their maths skills in one of the local shops and show they can achieve that target.

“When they have filled a passport they bring it into school and it goes into a draw and they are given another one. The more passports, and therefore maths, the more chances they have at winning.

“Each school then holds a draw to decide the winner.

“The winner in each school wins family ticket to Laserhub, in Three Bridges, and many schools add extra runner-up prizes such as maths sets and sweets.”

The winners were: Ashir Azeen, from Broadfield East Infants; Fatou Sayang, from Bewbush Academy; Shreen Maraican, from Seymour Primary; Olivia Kilienska, from Gossops Green Primary; Jack Norcott, from The Mill Primary; Manash Jeyanathan, from Northgate Primary; Elenora Fedrerico, from The Oaks Primary; Abby Allen, from West Green Primary; and Cory Landridge, from Three Bridges Junior School.

Mr Smart added: “We are hoping to expand the competition to beyond Crawley next year.

“We are very lucky that Laserhub has been able to give out more and more prizes each year.

“This year they gave away hundreds of pounds worth of tickets.”