Clever cat that enjoys eating six dinners

ONE of my granddaughter Jessica’s favourite bedtime stories is about a cat called Six Dinner Sid. This was a very clever cat who managed to dupe six families into giving him six different names, six meals a night and six comfortable places to sleep in. Until the fateful day he caught a cold and a vet rumbled him when six different owners brought the same cat for treatment.

It can happen in real life. Not to the extent of six different owners, but certainly to multiple canteen/hostel and recreation facilities being on offer for the same cat. One of which belongs to my friend Sue.

The cat Sugar, has had his sister Spice already featured in this column. Unfortunately when she met her end at the teeth of an urban fox. The fox still visits and this my friend is convinced has had an unsettling influence on her sibling

“That fox is so brazen” Sue said.”It just strolls onto the patio, stares in through the French windows, and almost taunts poor Sugar. He is terrified.”

No amount of shouting or banging on the windows deters the fox, and there are a distinct lack of hunts in the suburbs.So the fact that Sugar has taken to disappearing off, often for days on end, has my friend Sue in a constant state of anxiety.

Sensibly, Sue’s husband Paul suggested that they print off flyers and post them round their neighbourhood. If anyone had found a fox ravaged carcase at least they would know. He is a very old cat and may just have decided his time was up on this mortal coil and decided to shuffle off on his own.

But amazingly, just when they got to the stage of recruiting the neighbours for a fly posting session, Sugar would turn up. Often after a week’s absence.

But this last time he was away for more than a week. Definitely a goner they thought, and the fox was looking particularity cocky whenever he came in the garden.

“I must have pushed scores of flyers through doors and asked shopkeepers to put them in their window” Sue said “But just as I was walking back down the path of this very smart bungalow, the owner opened the door and shouted after me that he thought they might have the cat pictured on the flyer. I went inside and there, sure enough, was Sugar reclining on their sofa, at peace with the world after finishing off his supper.”

Apparently Sugar is a regular visitor, meowing at the back door to be let in with a very familial routine. “He’ll only eat tuna in brine you know, won’t touch anything else”.

But there are unaccounted days in between his time with my friend and his time with his adopted family.

Three dinner Sugar?