Clean-cut young pop band takes back to school route to stardom

Daniel and the Scandals
Daniel and the Scandals

A university band is confounding expectations that rock ‘n’ roll is all about drug taking and latenights.

Indie-pop group Daniel and the Scandals have a deal where they perform their catchy tunes at secondary schools and give drug advice to pupils after the show.

The band, who recently played at Holy Trinity School, are also eyeing a tour of America after one of the songs was featured on US TV show Beauty and the Beast.

Lead guitarist Carl Williams, of Pound Hill, said: “We perform some songs and then do a drugs awareness talk.

“It’s to get kids thinking about it and make them aware of what could happen.

“We’re not saying don’t do drugs, we’re saying what could happen if you do drugs.

“When you’re in school it might sound like a good thing. But being in Brighton drugs are all around us especially in the music scene.

“We’re saying if you do drugs what will happen to your body.”

The clean-cut band, described as 60 per cent pop and 40 per cent rock, have built up a loyal under-18 fanbase from school tours up and down the country.

Their catchy tunes have also won admirers in Portugal and America.

One Portuguese woman is such a fan she hands out promotional flyers for the band in her home country and plans to fly to Brighton to see their next gig - a development Carl described as surreal.

Meanwhile a promoter in America wants them to tour the US and landed them the TV show slot which aired on UKTV Watch on Thursday (April 11) and the band members plugged on Twitter.

The programme is about a female detective whose mother is murdered but is saved from the same fate by a ‘beast’, an ex-soldier supposedly killed in action during military service, who she starts a complicated relationship with.

The band formed at Brighton’s Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) which teaches budding musicians how to make it as a professional in the industry.

Their break came with self-released debut single ‘I love you (there you go I said it)’ which has 18,000 views on Youtube and won record of the week on industry website Record of the Day.

Despite their pop flavour, Carl said they were a hard-working indie band at heart.

He said: “We are an indie band but I don’t have a problem selling ourselves as a pop band.

“We do everything ourselves, we make our own videos.

“On the recordings we’ve got all the catchy pop hooks but on the live shows we like to crank it up a bit.

“Mainly what we’re about is driving around from city to city and having a laugh.

“Each night we go onstage we play like it’s the most important show ever.”

Next single ‘Love isn’t routine’ is out on iTunes on April 29.

They play a show for 14-year-olds and over at The Haunt in Brighton on April 27 after a sell-out show earlier this year where they were inundated with valentines cards and home-made chocolate brownies.

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