Circus with a dark twist

The Circus of Horrors.
The Circus of Horrors.
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Britain’s Got Talent finalists and Glastonbury Festival favourites, The Circus of Horrors, have been joined by a new sinister cast member whose glowing red eyes will sear through the darkness of Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on February 25.

In their latest show the circus of sword-swallowers and hair-hanging beauties who reached the finals of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent takes audiences on a whirlwind theatrical journey to 1927 Berlin, during a decadent decade of cabaret when The Devil Doll was born.

The new production is a sequel to last year’s show The Ventriloquist.

It has been named The Curse of the Devil Doll after a series of bizarre and near-fatal incidents during the last tour – the inspiration now for events on stage, as spokeswoman Gemma Nethersole explains.

“As the cast had toured with previous show The Ventriloquist, the doll which had taken a minor role on stage seemed to cause potentially catastrophic events off-stage.

“Vehicles carrying the doll would inexplicably break down, sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto tore his oesophagus with a lit Neon tube immediately after a scene with the doll and a mini-bus carrying the cast and doll careened off the road, jolting the doll into a sitting position and activating his glowing red eyes.

“Yet rather than destroying the doll, he now takes a central role in the show which promises to reveal who truly is the puppet master.”

Gemma added: “In addition to the eerie Devil Doll, the show includes Captain Dan the demon dwarf, The Iron Jawed Diva, voodoo acrobats, knife throwers and aerialists The Sinister Sisters whose performances are backed by ringmaster Dr Haze with his band, The Interceptors from Hell.

Parental discretion is advised. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Box office: 01903 206 206 or online at