Children’s entertainer ‘humbled’ by award

TV PERSONALITY and children’s entertainer Dave Benson-Phillips said he was ‘humbled’ to win his Community Stars award after finally receiving it this week.

The former Get Your Own Back star was victorious in the arts and entertainment category of the Herald and Gazette’s annual community awards in December.

But he was busy entertaining children at a charity Christmas party on the day of the awards.

This week, he was presented with the trophy by friend Andrea Thorne, which was awarded in recognition of his work with local charities.

Mr Benson-Phillips, 48, said: “It was really nice for it to be handed to me by such a lovely lady in Andrea.

“I am humbled. I didn’t expect to get it and I am really happy.”

Mr Benson-Phillips works closely with Maybridge Keystone Club and Worthing Kids and Dapper Snapper (WKDS), among others.

WKDS events co-ordinator Lydia Wilson said he was always enjoyed by the children.

She said: “Dave is great at entertaining our families with his music and passing on the useful skill of signing, which is a vital aid to communication for many children with additional needs.”