Cheers! Local wine wins a gold award

A SUSSEX wine has been voted among the top international sparkling wines.

Bolney Wine Estate’s Cuveé Rosé won third place and the equivalent of a Gold Outstanding at the Prince Lev Golitsyn Specialised International Sparkling Wine Competition 2012.

Only the top three wines won this award, out of the 92 wines tasted.

The Competition was held in the Ukraine and was the 4th Novy Svet Competition.

Novy Svet means “New World” and is the name of the village and also of the large Sparkling Wine Plant that lies in the middle of it.

The Competition itself is named after Prince Lev Golitsyn, who founded the winery in 1878, as well as the famous winery of Massandra near Yalta, which both now belong to the Crimean Government.

The competition is small but serious and for Ukraine it is extremely important. There are very few competitions devoted exclusively to Sparkling Wines with professional, specialised judges in that particular field.

Head Winemaker at the Bolney Wine Estate, Sam Linter was thrilled to hear of yet enough success for their Cuveé Rosé.

“We have been winning lots of awards recently and as our Cuveé Rosé has been received so well this year, we thought we’d see how well this wine would fare in a non-English judged competition.

“We are very excited to have come third, especially when we heard that we beat the champagnes and feel this shows that our wine style is enjoyed and appreciated by many cultures.’

Back in May this wine won the Naked Wine’s Zero to Hero competition and is now sold via their website- the first English Wine to ever be listed.