Charities look to work together

AROUND 50 small charities from all over West Sussex have been given the chance to meet each other and see how they could work together.

The meeting was hosted by County Council chairman Mike Coleman after a request from the Foundation for Social Improvement, which encourages small charities to join forces. It marked the end of the nationwide Small Charities Week.

“I was happy to lead the event, which was a landmark meeting for many of the small charities,” said Mr Coleman. “These days many of them are being called on to contribute to the Big Society, and simply getting to know each other means many can now think about sharing resources.”

A total of 49 individual charities from all areas were invited to attend. The organisations provide support, advice and activities for a wide range of people including older people, children, people with disabilities and those who are isolated or disadvantaged. Other groups are working to improve the environment.

“I learned a great deal about new initiatives and challenges that are under way,” continued Mike. “As a County Council we can now see if there are ways in which we can help these smaller organisations.”