Celebrating multi-cultural life in memory of brave Danny

The town’s multi- cultural outlook on life has been celebrated by the Crawley Campaign Against Racism.

A social evening at the Bewbush Centre on Saturday (October 26) saw members of the town’s diverse communities gather for food, music and good company.

Crawley Campaign Against Racism

Crawley Campaign Against Racism

The Bewbush Centre was teeming with visitors as the campaign marked its 37th year.

The CCAR was formed in 1976 thanks to the efforts of 16-year-old Danny Martin.

Although he was undergoing treatment for cancer, Danny found the strength to oppose the mentality of groups such as the National Front.

He wrote a letter to the Crawley Observer calling on people to make a stand for what he knew to be right – unity.

His letter ended with the line: “Leave the British race and join the human race”.

Danny died months after the CCAR was born, though his mother Barbara is still active in the group.

She watched with unconcealed pride as young and old alike celebrated the diversity of Crawley in the 21st century.

Among them were the drummers and singers from Ifield Community College.

Speaking at the event, Mayor Cllr Bob Burgess said: “Racism is ugly whenever and wherever it occurs and whoever it is against – there is never any need for it.

“We are all equal and we are equal deserving of mutual respect.

“As Barbara’s son Danny said we are all human beings.”

Looking at the range of people represented at Saturday’s meeting, it is clear that, although Danny may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on.

The music for this slideshow was provided by the drummers and singers of Ifield Community College.

They are: Abishai Indramoorthy, Daryll Amedee, Nikil Nayee, Rachel Ally, Emmanuel Ally, Melissa Gomes, Michael Abreu de Sa, Jason Alexis, Nanette Wood, Fatoumata Ba, Josh Greenwood.