Castlewood children go on a secret quest

Castlewood pupils at Arundel Castle SUS-150311-103807001
Castlewood pupils at Arundel Castle SUS-150311-103807001

Arundel Castle was the destination for children in Years 1 and 2 from Castlewood Primary School in Southwater recently when they took a day out of school to explore this historical landmark.

The pupils had discovered a huge egg which they thought might belong to a dragon and so went on a quest to find the dragon at Arundel Castle.

As part of their visit the children looked around the museum at the artefacts, explored the castle buildings and gardens and dressed up in medieval clothing including chain mail. They even had a try at using a long bow – but with no arrows!

Scarlett, a pupil in year 2 said: “We couldn’t find the dragon at Arundel and now believe he’s gone to Wales so I’m hoping Mrs Slocombe will let us go there after half term!”

Vicky Dedman, Key Stage 1 Leader, said: “We had a fantastic trip which really gave the children a variety of experiences to draw on now we are back at school. This type of hands on learning is such an inspiration for them. Sadly, we still haven’t found the owner of the egg!”

Report and pocture contributed by Castlewood Primary School.