Candidates unveiled for Horsham District Council elections

JPCT 17-08-12 S12330140X Horsham, Horsham District Council, office building, HDC -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120120817141105
JPCT 17-08-12 S12330140X Horsham, Horsham District Council, office building, HDC -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120120817141105

Candidates for the upcoming Horsham District Council elections on May 7 have been officially announced.

Billingshurst and Shipley ward (THREE SEATS):

-BRUNDISH, Derek Edward, 70 Smithbarn, Horsham. Liberal Democrats.

-DEARSLEY, Patrick Henry, Malt Mayes, Northlands Road,Warnham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- JUPP, Nigel Paul Stafford, Daniels Farm, West Chiltington Lane, Coneyhurst, Billingshurst. The Conservative Party Candidate

- KUCHMY, Tia Althea, 41 Lakers Meadow, Billingshurst. Green Party

- LINDSAY, Gordon Alan, Durrance Manor, Smithers Hill Lane, Shipley, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- MASLIN, Keith Thomas, 81 Forge Way, Billingshurst. Labour Party

- ROWBOTTOM, Kate, 4 Dragons Lane, Dragons Green, Horsham. The Conservative Party

Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote ward (TWO SEATS):

- BOYLE, David, 87 Coombe Road, Steyning. Liberal Democrats

- COLDWELL, David Frederick Ross, Orchard Cottage, Mill Lane, Worthing. Conservative Party

- CROKER, Mike, High Beech, Maudlyn Park, Bramber, Steyning. Green Party

- NORRIDGE, Adrian Maxwell, Crescent House, The Crescent, Steyning. Labour Party

- SADGROVE, Jean, Crescent House, The Crescent, Steyning. Labour Party

- STAINES, Ben Robert, 22 Bowmans Close, Steyning. Conservative Party

Broadbridge Heath ward (ONE SEAT):

- BARAN, Uri, 8 West Way,Slinfold, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- CURNOCK, Malcolm Anthony, 5 Paget Close, Horsham, Liberal Democrats

- FRENCH, Matthew Malcolm, 1 Farm Close, Barns Green, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- LONGHURST, Shaun, 34 Thelton Avenue, Broadbridge Heath. Green Party

Chanctonbury ward (THREE SEATS):

- BLACKALL, John Malcolm, Oak Meadow, Haglands Lane, West Chiltington. Conservative Party

- CIRCUS, Philip James, Fox Hill, Westward Lane, West Chiltington. Conservative Party

-CROFT-SMITH, Graham, 8 Larch End, West Chiltington. UKIP

- JENKINS, David, Cadrona, Hampers Lane, Storrington. Conservative Party

- MARTIN, Richard, Waverley, Hillside Walk, Storrington. Liberal Democrats

Chantry ward (THREE SEATS):

- DAWE, Ray, Tudor Lodge, Sandgate Lane, Storrington. Conservative Party

- HOLBROOK, Steve, 8 Plantation Way, Storrington. Liberal Democrats

- HOPE, Kim, Wild Brooks House, Houghton Bridge, Amberley. Green Party

- MARSHALL, Paul Anthony, Rock House Cottage, The Hollow, Washington. Conservative Party

- SANSON, Jim, Cloisters, Monastery Lane, Storrington. Conservative Party

- WESTRIP, Peter James Alfred, 7 Nightingale Close,Storrington.UKIP

Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead ward (TWO SEATS):

- CHOWEN, Jonathan Charles, Pakenham, Old Lock House, Lock, Partridge Green. Conservative Party

- CLARKE, Roger Shackleton, 49 St Michaels Way, Partridge Green. Conservative Party

- PRICE, Laurie, 15 Smithbarn, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

Denne ward (TWO SEATS):

- HOGBEN, Tony, Morriswood, Old Holbrook, Horsham.The Conservative Party

- LEE, Adrian Malcolm, 7 River Walk, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- O`SULLIVAN, Kevin Stephen, 3 Fellcott Way, Horsham. Labour Party

-SHELDON, David Paul, 5 Cricketfield Road, Horsham. Independent

- TALL, Stephen Joseph, 67 Swindon Road, Horsham.Liberal Democrats

- TOOTS, Ray, 37 Comptons Lane, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Forest ward (ONE SEAT):

- GREEN, Darrin, 12 Beacon Court, Manor Fields, Horsham. Green Party

- NEWMAN, Godfrey, Christleton, 13 The Boulevard, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- PETTITT, Linda Janet, 16 Lemmington Way, Horsham.The Conservative Party

Henfield ward (TWO SEATS):

- CROFT, Helena June Rachel, 22 Beaver Close, Horsham.Conservative Party

- CROWE, Paul Edwin, 1 Faircox Cottages, Faircox Lane, Henfield.Labour Party

- LAW, Steve, 2 Meadow View, Henfield Road, Small Dole, Henfield. Green Party

- MORGAN, Mike, Farthings, 4 Chestnut Way, Henfield. Independent

- O`CONNELL, Brian Michael, Sake Ride Farm, Wineham Lane, Wineham, Henfield.Conservative Party

- SPROXTON MILLER, Jessica, 36 Downsview, Small Dole, Henfield. Liberal Democrats

Holbrook East ward (TWO SEATS):

- BALDWIN, Andrew Norris, 14 Byron Close, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- BROWN, Christopher Robert, 1 Bakers Meadow, High Street, Billingshurst. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- BURGESS, Karen Jane, 27 Haybarn Drive, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- CHAPMAN, Sheila Marie, 93 Pondtail Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- SHARP, Andrew, Ashley House, Cagefoot Lane, Henfield. Liberal Democrats

- TURNER, Gary, 15 Serrin Way, Horsham. Green Party

Holbrook West ward (TWO SEATS):

- BURGESS, Peter Maurice, 27 Haybarn Drive, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- GUYTON, Anthony, 55 Ashleigh Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- HUGL, Linda, 7 Wimblehurst Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- MITCHELL, Christian Richard, 5 Parkside Mews, Hurst Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- MULLARKY, Peter John Gerard, 228 St Leonards Road, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- RANDELL, John, 2 Little Grebe, Horsham.UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Horsham Park ward (THREE SEATS):

- CHAPMAN, Raymond Edward, 93 Pondtail Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- COLLINS, Gregory George, 6 Hurst Road, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- DUGGAN, Jim, 70 Bennetts Road, Horsham. The Peace Party - Non-Violence, Justice, Environment

- HAIGH, Frances, 27 Winterbourne, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- HAYTON, Carol, 10 Clarence Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- HIDE, David Vaughan, 10 Clarence Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- MURPHY, Josh Alexander, 215 St Leonards Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- RELLEEN, Connor Kurt, 48 Hurst Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- SKIPP, David Gordon, 48 Grebe Crescent, Horsham.Liberal Democrats

- TANDY, Ian, 3 Warminghurst Court, Blenheim Road, Horsham. UKIP

- VAN RYSSEN, Robyn J Jensen, Sprucefield, Old Holbrook, Horsham. The Conservative Party

Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham ward (TWO SEATS):

- ALDRIDGE, Stuart, Newlands, Two Mile Ash, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- BUTLER, Cokky, Three Barn Cottage, Wellcross Farm, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold. Liberal Democrats

- FRY, John Charles, 6 Hollands Field, Broadbridge Heath. Liberal Democrats

- HARRIS, Neal Graeme, 51 Beech Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- RITCHIE, Stuart David, Durfold, Dorking Road, Kingscote, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- YOUTAN, Tricia, 10 Mitchell Gardens, Slinfold. The Conservative Party

Nuthurst ward (ONE SEAT):

- ASSASSI, Darius, Ashwins, Sedgwick Lane, Horsham. Green Party

- BRADNUM, Toni, Meadow Cottage, Nuthurst Street, Nuthurst, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- HARPER, Graham, Filbuds Cottage, Stane Street, Adversane, Billingshurst. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- HENDY, Lesley Mary, 219 Comptons Lane, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

Pulborough and Coldwaltham ward (TWO SEATS):

- BIGNELL, Antony, 2 Southside, Pulborough.Labour Party

- CLARKE, Paul Robert, 9 Riverside, Codmore Hill, Pulborough. Conservative Party

- DALE, Martin, 17 Stane Street Close, Codmore Hill, Pulborough. Green Party

- DEEDMAN, Ros, 13 Canons Way, Steyning. Liberal Democrats

- DONNELLY, Brian Peter, 3 Barclays Court, Skeyne Drive, Pulborough. Conservative Party

- WALLACE, John Richard, 25 Carpenters Meadow, Pulborough. UKIP

- WALLACE, Liz, 25 Carpenters Meadow, Pulborough. UKIP

Roffey North ward (TWO SEATS):

- BEVIS, Anthony David, 6 Coniston Close, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- BRITTEN, Alan Crawford, 32 Brushwood Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- BUTLER, Nicholas John, 20 Farhalls Crescent, Horsham. Independent

- DANCER, Jonathan Michael, 8 Avebury Close, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- HELLAWELL, Warwick John, 21 Badgers Close, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- MURRELL, George Barnaby, Lambs Farm House, 3 Lambs Farm Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- WILLIAMS, Ivor, 6 Broadwood Close, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- WILLIAMS, Ruth, 6 Broadwood Close, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Roffey South ward (TWO SEATS):

- ARTHUR, Roger John, Hollybank Cottage, Melrose Place, Storrington. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- CORNELL, Roy Stanley, 78 Millthorpe Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- CORNWELL, Margaret, 43 Blunts Way, Horsham. Labour Party

- NICOL, Ian David, 4B Rusper Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- RICKETT, Tony, 33 Bluebell Close, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- SPRAGGON, Allan, 41 Roebuck Close, Horsham. Green Party

- TORN, Simon Victor, 9 Shepherds Way, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- WALTERS, Belinda Jane, 11 Lower Barn Close, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

Rudgwick ward (ONE SEAT):

- AVERY, Graham, 2 Exfold Cottages, Loxwood Road, Rudgwick, Horsham. Green Party

- BAILEY, John William, Windacres Lodge, Church Street, Rudgwick, Horsham. The Conservative Party

Rusper and Colgate ward (ONE SEAT):

- JUGURNAUTH, Darren, 5 The Apartment, Roffey Park, Forest Road, Colgate, Horsham. Green Party

- KITCHEN, Liz, Highams, Capel Road, Rusper, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- MILLSON, Anthony Edward, 76 Comptons Lane, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

Southwater ward (THREE SEATS):

- CHARMAN, Gary, 25 Quail Close, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- CHIDLOW, John William, 30 Larkspur Way, Southwater. The Conservative Party

- DEEDMAN, Derek, 13 Canons Way, Steyning. Liberal Democrats

- HEATH, Chris, Knaresborough House, Salisbury Road, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- HOWARD, Ian, Old School, Worthing Road, Southwater. The Conservative Party

- LITTLE, Jacqueline, 16 Bilbets, Rushams Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- SHAW, Peter Robert, 93 Rascals Close, Southwater.Green Party

- SMITH, Roger, Badgers, Bashurst Copse, Itchingfield, Horsham. Independent

- VICKERS, Claire Elizabeth, Field End Cottage, Two Mile Ash, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- WHITEAR, Neil Colin, 80 Timber Mill, Southwater. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Steyning ward (TWO SEATS):

- ALLEN, Jill, 1 Museum Cottages, Charlton Street, Steyning. Labour Party

- EDMONDS, Elizabeth Louise, 42 Shooting Field, Steyning. Labour Party

- HOPKINSON, Nick, Russetts, 46 Goring Road, Steyning. Liberal Democrats

- LLOYD, Tim, 2 Coxham Lane, Steyning. Conservative Party

- PLATT, Bob, 87 Kings Stone Avenue, Steyning. Green Party

- WILLETT, Michael John, Nash Grange Farm, Horsham Road, Steyning. Conservative Party

Trafalgar ward (TWO SEATS):

- BOWRING, Carol, 2 Little Grebe, Horsham. UK Independence Party (UKIP)

- COSTIN, Christine Carole, 48 Guildford Road, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- CROSBIE, Leonard John Christopher, 17 Cook Road, Horsham. Liberal Democrats

- DAVIS, Alexandra, 68 Spencers Road, Horsham. Labour Party

- SHEPHERD, Ian Robert, Parthings Farm, Tower Hill, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- VIMPANY, Ronald William, 25 Fay Road, Horsham. The Conservative Party

- WEIR-WILSON, Maggie, 6 Lynwood Court, Rushams Road, Horsham. Green Party