Can you name these footballers of yesteryear?

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Who remembers the days when you had to be a tough guy to play football?

The days when falling over because some one lightly brushed up against you would have been laughed at and fisticuffs in the middle of the pitch was positively encouraged?

Let’s call them ‘the good old days’.

Eric Austin sent in these pictures from the 1950s and would like to know if anyone can fill in the blanks when it comes to names.

The picture of the team from the Kent & Sussex Courier was taken c1956/57. They played in the Crawley Sunday Morning League.

The picture shows: (Back row from left) Eddie Miller, Brian Hamlyn, John Skinner, Gerry Young, Ken Lake, 
Tom Jarvie, Reg (last name unknown).

(Front row from left) unknown, unknown, Bill Halford, Eric Austin, Mick Honey.

Eric said: “Only three members of the team worked for the newspaper. Mick Honey went on to work for the Daily Mirror, Bill Hallford (Distribution) and Reg the trainer.”

Tom Jarvie was a Vet who moved to Crawley from Scotland to start a practice. He was also manager/trainer at Crawley Town FC.

The picture of the two Crawley Company Football teams which played in the Crawley & District League Final was taken around 1958.

The back row shows Hubners Co Ltd (Printers) and the front row shows Langley of London.

The Hubners players were: (back row from left) Eric Austin, Ken Lake, Jack Penfold, unknown, unknown, Colin Booth, Bill Jones (goalkeeper), Pegler (first name unknown), unknown, Bert Wade, unknown.

Eric does not the names of the opposition players.

The third picture of the Hubners FC team was taken in 1958/59.

The players were: (back row from left) Ken Lake, Colin Booth, Bert Wade, unknown, Watson, unknown, unknown.

(Front row from left) Jack Penfold, Terry Lawson, Eric Austin, Bill Jarvis, Bill Jones.

Eric said: “Regrettably there are a few names missing.

“I would love to know if any of the team are still well and kicking. If so, may well be able to make contact and catch up.”

The final picture is the oldest football photo Eric has. It shows the Crawley Town 2nd Xl of 1952.

The players are: (back row from left) Vic Pellen, Fox (first name unknown), John Wareham, unknown, Muggeridge (first name unknown).

(Front row from left) Dennis Parsons, Beavis (first name unknown), unknown, Eric Austin, Elliott (unknown).

They were still waiting for the 11th man to arrive!

Eric said Vic Pellen was a local schoolteacher and a member of the local council. He emigrated to Australia with his wife and four children c1965.

Both Vic and his wife are deceased.

Eric added: “I believe Dennis Parsons still lives in Crawley and John Wareham resides in the Horsham area.”