Campaign to stop HGVS driving through Lindfield

Lindfield High Street. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150804-094130001
Lindfield High Street. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150804-094130001
  • Lindfield Preservation Society is campaigning to stop HGVs driving through Lindfield
  • The society fears for damage to historic buildings
  • West Sussex County Council is undertaking a traffic survey

Businesses, residents and societies are frustrated by a high number of HGVs travelling through Lindfield.

The Lindfield Preservation Society has set up a petition to promote a Traffic Regulation Order to ban HGVs from the village, get a 20mph speed limit for the village and alter some signs north of Lindfield.

The group has presented a paper to the Central Mid Sussex CLC and is gathering evidence to make a bid for the order.

John Jesson, of Lindfield Preservation Society, said Lindfield ‘is the only comparable Mid Sussex village that is not protected by a 7.5 tonne weight limit’.

“The Society became concerned after a dramatic increase in heavy lorries up and down Lindfield High Street was reported by residents who were worried not only about noise and dirt, but about the impact on their historic buildings that stand either side,” he said.

“High Street, Lindfield, began to suffer from HGV movements every few minutes at peak times and over extended periods, with ancient and fragile buildings, many of which are only a pavement’s width away from the roadway, exposed to levels and amounts of vibration they had never previously encountered.”

John said he counted ten HGVs in 15 minutes on one occasion.

The society’s campaign is for through traffic, but ‘local goods and farm traffic should be allowed’.

It is also proposed that traffic for the South of England Show-Ground and Wakehurst from Haywards Heath Station should be not be discouraged from entering Ardingly via College Road.

“Let everyone who wishes to enjoy Lindfield linger and do so without the hazards of hundreds of HGVs rumbling through,” John added.

The Pilstyes Bed and Breakfast, on High Street, supports the petition.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “The issue has arisen following a planning application in East Sussex, that we had no input to, regarding material being transported to a site and they are not permitted to use a certain route in East Sussex, so are using West Sussex B roads instead.

“We have committed to undertaking a survey of traffic movements through Lindfield, which will assess how many HGVs are involved before considering the matter further.”