Call for more carers

A CALL for more foster carers has been sent out by West Sussex County Council because of the rising number of children needing this support.

The shortage is particularly acute in Horsham and its surrounding areas.

West Sussex County Council is holding a fostering drop-in session at Horsham Library today (Wednesday July 27) from 10am to 4pm as part of a recruitment drive to sign up more carers.

These informal sessions give people a chance to members of the highly experienced team to allay fears and answer any questions people may have about fostering.

Local foster carer Nikki Hall said: “I’ve been a foster carer for the last seven years doing mainly fostering for newborn babies and short-term foster care for other carers. These type of fostering fit in and work well for my family and after all these years I really still enjoy doing it.

“My partner and I thought about fostering for quite a while before we made the ‘plunge’ and we did lots of research. One of the best things anyone can do is to talk to existing foster carers. This way you go into fostering with your eyes open so you don’t get any surprises. If anyone in Horsham is thinking about fostering come down to the drop-in session as this is an ideal opportunity to find out more.”

Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Peter Evans, said: “To provide the highest standard of care, West Sussex County Council does its very best to match West Sussex children needing care to West Sussex foster carers.

“Children thrive on familiarity so our approach also means children and young people who need care stay close to their school, friends, people and places they know.”

West Sussex County Council makes sure a full package of training and support is provided to all its foster carers to meet the needs of the children and young people they care for.