CAGNE doing a ‘huge job’ campaigning against flight paths

Members of CAGNE at the protest group's first AGM
Members of CAGNE at the protest group's first AGM

Campaigners against new flight paths and a second runway at Gatwick Airport have been praised for doing ‘a huge job’ by a local councillor.

CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) held their first AGM in Warnham on Wednesday February 18, having been established a year ago.

At the meeting, chair Sally Pavey praised members of the group for their growth, but recognised they must continue to work hard.

Liz Kitchen, West Sussex County Council member for Warnham and a Horsham district councillor, praised the efforts of the protest group, and acknowledged Gatwick are ‘doing everything I have been worried about for years’.

She said: “You have done a huge job. Well done to CAGNE for doing what you have done - it is absolutely brilliant.

“Thank you on behalf of the residents of the Horsham district.”

We are all still furiously working hard in helping residents

Sally Pavey

Mrs Pavey revealed that CAGNE boasts more than 600 members since its birth last February.

After the meeting, she said: “We all met and decided we didn’t want it to be just about Warnham and we had to do something to stop this terrible noise.

“It has taken a lot of hard work and a lot of reading heavy aviation documents.

“I think our initial march through Horsham where people showed how angry they were was a highlight. People turned up desperate to know what is going on.

“We are all still furiously working hard in helping residents.”

During the meeting, protesters heard that Horsham District Council strongly oppose Gatwick’s plans for a second runway, but Crawley Borough Council support the airport.

Mrs Pavey also reiterated her opposition to a second runway.

She added: “Who would have thought that when we were sitting here a year ago complaining about the noise, we would become CAGNE?

“We know a bit more about how air space works now. We are established after a year, and hopefully going from strength to strength.

“We have endeavoured to share information about Gatwick with residents and parish councils and I think we have achieved that.

“It is down to you as residents to talk to your MP about how you feel, and pass that on to your neighbours.”