Cadet squadron learns about jets on tour of airport

1440 Shoreham Squadron at Gatwick
1440 Shoreham Squadron at Gatwick

A GROUP of nine air cadets got the chance to delve inside the workings of some of the world’s top jet aircraft as they toured one of the country’s biggest airports.

Cadets from 1440 Shoreham Squadron of the Air Training Corps were invited to tour British Airways’ engineering facilities at Gatwick Airport.

The cadets were given a tour of the engineering hangar, which was housing both a Boeing 777 and a Boeing 737 for maintenance, and they were shown around the aircraft in much detail.

They were given the opportunity to see inside one of the aircraft’s engines, were shown how various parts of the flight deck operated, and had the chance to delve into the aircraft’s depths and see the many components that make up its computer systems.

They were also able to experience the sounds of a jet engine being fully tested.

The cadets were given the opportunity to ask any questions about the various areas of the facility that they visited.

Nigel Quilley, British Airways Gatwick customer liaison, was pleased to be able 
to invite the cadets along.

“We’re always happy to show the cadets around, and hope that it gives them some insight into how larger aircraft are operated and maintained,” he said.

The squadron’s commanding officer, pilot officer Rich Sage, said: “It’s great that the cadets are able to visit such a great local facility, and be able to see how the topics that they learn about during their cadet career can be translated directly to aircraft that they themselves fly on when going away on holiday or on overseas cadet camps”.

The Air Training Corps has more than 40,000 cadets spread across over 900 squadrons throughout the UK.

For more information on the Air Training Corps in general, visit, or for further information on the Shoreham Squadron, email pilot officer Rich Sage at or telephone 07793 712994.