Businessman has grand plan for Portland Road

Restaurateur Andy Sparsis outside The Fat Greek Taverna'D15021027a
Restaurateur Andy Sparsis outside The Fat Greek Taverna'D15021027a

A BUSINESSMAN is spearheading a movement to transform a tired part of Worthing’s town centre.

Andy Sparsis, owner of the Proto Restaurant Group, recently opened The Fat Greek Taverna in Portland Road and is hoping the arrival of his eatery will mark the start of the road’s transformation.

In recent years the road has suffered from high vacancy rates, however, the opening of Mr Sparsis’ restaurant, along with plans to pedestrianise the area, could revive its fortunes.

While the pedestrianisation proposed by Worthing’s Town Centre Initiative remains around two years away, Mr Sparsis is hoping to secure permission to close the road to traffic every weekend over a two month period in the summer.

Starting in August, artisan food stalls and live music acts could fill the street in an attempt to create a vibrant culture in Worthing.

Mr Sparsis said: “We see that area as a real genesis for the cultural side of Worthing moving forward.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, January 15.