Businesses to lead clean up operation

THE DERELICT and overgrown Teville Gate site will be given a much-needed spruce up thanks to the determination of a group of business owners.

Bath Place trader Paul O’Brien, who owns Candy Love, has been given permission to carry out a tidy up of the site in order to make it more attractive to visitors and passers-by.

Mr O’Brien and a team of business owners, residents and councillors will visit the site on Saturday, August 10, and paint murals and de-weed overgrown patches.

“I used to park down there before the car park went back to the council and it looked like a tip,” said Mr O’Brien.

“I don’t think it’s a good welcome to Worthing, if you’re getting off the train.

“It’s a lot of people’s first impression of the town and it’s not a good reflection of the rest of Worthing.”

The group has already secured donations of paint and equipment from several major firms and hopes to secure council funding to support the initiative.

It has gained permission to carry out the work at the site, after eight months of trying to track down the correct person.

Mr O’Brien said: “It was a nightmare trying to find out who owned the land and who to get in touch with.

“But if I have an idea, I like to follow it through because if you leave it, then it becomes worthless.

“Hopefully as many people as possible will come down and help us.

“There’s plenty of jobs for anyone of any age to do.”