Pub chain creates up to 45 jobs and invests £1million in Burgess Hill

Wetherspoons site in Church Walk, Burgess Hill. Pic Steve Robards.
Wetherspoons site in Church Walk, Burgess Hill. Pic Steve Robards.

JD Wetherspoon will invest £1million and create up to 45 jobs in Burgess Hill this year by opening a new pub.

The company renowned for its lowcost food and alcohol prices will open The Six Gold Martlets in 49-51 Church Walk on April 29.

Wetherspoon’s spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We are looking forward to opening in the town and believe our new pub will be an asset to Burgess Hill and also act as a catalyst for other businesses to invest in the town.

“When we open a pub we tend to get other companies following us.

“They know that we know what we’re doing, so if we come to a town it brings other businesses to the area.”

But local business owners have aired concerns over the proliferation of chain shops coming to Burgess Hill.

Maureen Durrant, 59, co-owner of Brambles Cafe in Burgess Hill, said: “There’s no personal touch with these places. It forces the family run outlets to close.

“Jacobs Post is just across the road, they’ll probably clear them out.

“It’s similar with us and Costa.”

On behalf of the pub chain Mr Gershon added: “We have over 900 pubs and people like them, it’s as simple as that.

“Historically we have enjoyed plenty of success in Sussex.

“Burgess Hill is a good town with a decent population.

“People like to eat and drink with us and we aren’t that well represented in the area so we think people will look forward to coming.”

Passer-by Tom Foster, 24, from Brighton, is one of those looking forward to the new establishment.

He said: “It’s fine by me. I try to support local business but when it comes down to it and it’s half the price I find it hard not to go to ‘Spoons’.”

Steve Byfield, 34, from Burgess Hill, added: “I would love to say I won’t go there but I will.

“It’s as cheap as anything. You can’t turn that down these days.”

The pub will provide a mixture of part time and full time jobs, mainly in the kitchen and behind the bar.

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