New Haywards Heath business loyalty cards a ‘first in the UK’

Business owners and members of the Haywards Heath Town Team with the new business loyalty cards
Business owners and members of the Haywards Heath Town Team with the new business loyalty cards

Environmentally friendly wooden business loyalty cards are being launched in Haywards Heath this year.

The card will give residents a discount mostly on independent businesses in the area thanks to the work of the Haywards Heath Town Team.

Steve Clerk, a Town Team member from Haywards Heath who has been involved with the development of the card, said: “We’re the first people in the UK using a wooden loyalty card.

“When you think about how much plastic goes into landfill, we need to get more wood cards out there.”

The new business card was developed by a company in Sweden, where it has been a success.

“People aren’t going to move to digital yet, they need something real,” Steve continued.

“It’s been successful with hotel key cards, we wanted it to be something really cool and we want to get as many out as we can.”

“At the moment there are a couple of thousand, the ambition is to get one in every home in Haywards Heath.”

30 retailers have already signed up for the project.

Steve, who works in financial services at B&Q, continued: “We want people to come and talk to us, any businesses can join, and not just independent shops.

“We want to do something for the local community, that’s the point of the town team.”

The ultimate goal is to develop an application for smart phones.

Sharon Scott, a Town Team member who developed the Mid Sussex Handbook, said: “Discounts with the card can be 10-50%, businesses will have different offers, it’s up to the independent retailers what they do.”

Information about the card and what offers it provides will be available on the new version of the town team’s website,

The redevelopment will go live once the card is ready for distribution, likely to be in early September this year, when there will be a launch party.

The website will have details of how potential customers can apply for the environmentally friendly card, and list which businesses customers can make a saving at. Councillor Rod Clark said that if independent retailers want to know more they should contact the Haywards Heath Town Team.