Claire Bradford: some ideas to make use of that spare time

SOMETIMES you have a chunk of time in your work day that’s too short to start a big task but too long to waste on Facebook.

Here are some ideas to make you use them like a boss:

n Send an email to a previous client to say hi and to ask how things are going.

n Schedule the following day’s/week’s social media posts.

n Clear out your inbox.

n Make a mindmap with all the business ideas that have been in your head for a while but haven’t found a home yet.

Take them for a walk on paper.

n File all the expenses receipts you have tucked in your purse,bag, or notebook.

n Close your eyes and visualise yourself clearly at your next goal.

n Clear your workspace.

n Set yourself a goal for the next hour/day/week/month.

n Meditate. You’ll be much sharper afterwards.

n Plan your next blog post.

n Revisit your plans for the year, realise how much you’ve done so far and prioritise what’s left.

n Read an inspirational business blog or listen to a short podcast and get motivated

n Make your colleagues a cup of tea or coffee.

n Chase up an outstanding invoice or three.

n Contact one of your suppliers and give them feedback.

n Create a questionnaire for your clients about what they read, where they shop, how they spend their free time etc

Use the information you gain to plan future marketing campaigns.

n Notice all the energy-sapping aspects about your regular workday and do something about one of them.

Dreary office? Bring in a plant or colourful picture to brighten things up a bit. Slow wifi connection?

Call in an expert to get it sorted.

n Arrange an informal meeting with someone you met networking and got on well with.

Maybe you could create a joint venture together, or help each other out in some way?

n Dig out all those business cards from the bottom of your bag and enter the details into your database.

n Go for a short walk. Change your scenery and feel the boost in creativity that gives you.

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