Claire Bradford: New year, new start

Happy New Year! Did you keep your decorations up till Twelfth Night on Tuesday or were you desperate to rip them down by Boxing Day?

Either way, this time of year seems to bring out the urge to clear up and streamline our homes, our businesses, our bodies or all of those things.

Just as going into 2015 with dusty tinsel and crunchy pine needles underfoot feels contrary to the new year mood, so does starting the first quarter weighed down with the detritus of old projects or systems that have served us well in the past but are no longer useful.

As the most parentally regretted Christmas DVD suggests, maybe it’s time to ‘let it go’.

I’ve been reviewing the past year and planning the next and it’s made me realise just how much I’m holding onto that doesn’t really serve me particularly well anymore.

Are you in the same position?

Clearing weeds makes space for the plants you want to grow and thrive – what are the weeds currently taking up space in your business and in your head?

If you’re not sure, here’s how to find out:

Looking back over 2014, what brought you the most profit, the most joy and/or the most opportunity?

What did you spend most of your time doing? Was that related to your previous answer?

If you spent large amounts of time doing things that were not related to bringing you profit, joy or opportunity, consider their necessity for the smooth running of your business on a scale of one to ten.

Consider your list and decide what can be outsourced or delegated (for those items closer to ten) and what can be dumped or diluted (for those items on the lower end of the scale).

Set yourself a target, e.g freeing up an hour a week, and see what you can do to meet it.

If you find yourself dithering over an item, give yourself a deadline of a week to make up your mind and talk it over with colleagues or write it all down and see what comes up.

See what space you can free up and let your plants grow.

What are your business plans for 2015? Have you set any new year’s resolutions?

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