Businesses urged to campaign for better broadband

WEST Sussex businesses are being urged to register their support for better broadband in the county.

West Sussex County Council Deputy Leader Lionel Barnard, who has responsibility for Enterprise, said: “The county council has committed £6.26 million to match fund a government grant to improve the county’s broadband network. For us to get the full benefit of this investment and ensure we deliver improved broadband first to those who need it most, we need to get a clear picture of the demand across West Sussex.

“By registering their support, residents will be playing their part in showing us where the demand is.”

Residents and businesses can register via the West Sussex – Better Connected website at or by completing a registration form at their local library or help point.

Registering support for superfast broadband will help show where the levels of demand are in communities when planning the broadband improvement programme, it does not commit residents to sign up to any new service.

Mr Barnard added that the aim of the programme is to ensure access to improved broadband for both residents and businesses.

“This is particularly vital for our local economy and businesses, many of which are home-based,” he said. “In these difficult economic times, we need to work together to help improve economic prosperity and support our local businesses.

“Better broadband access will help reduce social isolation in our more rural communities, and make it easier and cheaper for residents to access services.”