Burglar stole items while couple slept

A WORTHING man has pleaded guilty to stealing a laptop and hair clippers to the value of £560 from a home while the occupants slept.

Anthony Ryan, 35, of Dorchester Gardens, broke in through an extractor fan window in the conservatory of the Valencia Road property at around 3am on November 29 last year.

Despite rousing the couple’s five dogs, he was able to make away with the items before being disturbed.

He was arrested after DNA testing was found on a jumper left at the scene of the ground-floor flat.

Ryan appeared at Worthing Magistrates Court on Tuesday, but will be sentenced at Chichester Crown Court due to the seriousness of the offence.

The magistrate heard that the home-owners noticed that the laptop and clippers were missing when they woke at around 7am.

The fan light window had been opened further and there was mud on the window sill.

Ryan was arrested on January 25, when he told police that he had limited recollection but made a full admission.

Defence lawyer Mr Butt said: “These are exceptional circumstances. He was heavily under the influence of alcohol, despite not normally drinking, after learning that his mother and brother had cancer and grieving after the death of a close friend.

“He did not use the items and he did not attempt to sell them.”