Burgess Hill man reunited with mum after 50 years apart

Tim Adams has found his family after years of searching
Tim Adams has found his family after years of searching

A 50-year-old man from Burgess Hill who has never known a family member has made contact with his mother, sister and brothers.

After searching for them for years, last week Tim Adams spoke on the phone to his mother and sister, who live in California, and his family plan to visit him for his 50th birthday on today.

Tim Adams was born in Hong Kong

Tim Adams was born in Hong Kong

Tim, a brick layer who has lived in Burgess Hill for 11 years, said his mother, Pang Kai Shun, now 71, was pressured to give him up at birth as he was born out of wedlock.

“She kept saying ‘I’m sorry’, she was so apologetic. I told her there’s nothing to be sorry about, the bottom line is I love you, God brought us back together, now is time for healing,” Tim explained.

“I said I love you mum, I’ve wanted to tell you all my life.”

Tim was born in Hong Kong where he was adopted by British parents and moved to England.

He sought the support of the Middy in his search, explaining he went through abusive foster care until he lived on the streets aged 15.

Hong Kong newspaper the Daily Apple ran an article and online video about his story, after which he heard news from Hong Kong that his mother might live in California.

Tim added: “Mum said she couldn’t stop watching the video, she watched it more than 100 times.”

Tim has now made contact with brothers Robert from Arizona and Michael from Switzerland, and sister Susan, 42, from California.

“And mum is one of eight, so I’ve got a big family,” Tim said enthusiastically.

“I’ve spent my life without anyone, in abusive adoptions, but now I feel blessed.”

Tim found a property owned by a Pang Kai Shun last August, but the trail went cold.

After a tip off from Hong Kong, he kept digging until he found a phone number

“I called saying I was trying to find a relative, and a woman asked my date of birth, my age and who I was looking for and then said ‘congratulations, you’ve found your mum’.

“She said ‘you’re my big brother!’, and I said ‘you’re my little sister!’, I was in disbelief, and she was in shock.”

His mother sent Tim a picture of her from 50 years ago, just before she was pregnant with him.

“She’s so beautiful. It blew me away. Over the years I’ve imagined her but I had no idea. It’s incredible, I had never heard her voice,” he said.

Tim then received an email from his brother, Michael.

Tim explained: “He said ‘I’m not quite sure how to write this email, when I was told I’ve got a brother I didn’t know how to react, but I’m feeling quite excited.”

There has been interest from a television company in Hong Kong, who want to make a Christmas documentary about his journey.

“So many people are interested, it’s touched so many, it’s a tender story,” he added.

Tim has addressed his church and The Woolpack pub in Burgess Hill to explain what has happened.

He continued: “I hoped for this for so many years, I’ve actually talked to my mum now, it hasn’t quite sunk in.

“I haven’t cried yet, I think maybe when I meet her I will. I want to hug her. I’ve never met her but I know she’s my mum. Just because I haven’t seen her doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I don’t know where it comes from, it’s just natural in all of us.”