Burgess Hill Chess Club receives £2350 from Community Initiative Fund


Burgess Hill Chess Club was awarded £2,350 towards the purchase of equipment and training materials by the South mid Sussex county Local Committee.

The money came from the Community Initiative Fund administered by councillors to provide assistance to local community projects.

Other beneficiaries included the Hurstpierpoint Society, £1,000, towards tree planting and maintenance; Little Stompers, £1,200, towards equipment and publicity costs for the group; Pakyns Court Pedestrian Crossing, £4,762, towards a dropped kerb and ramp for Albourne Road; and Pyecombe Church, £2,395, towards the refurbishment project.

However bids by Mid Sussex South Council for Voluntary Service, St Peter & St James Hospice and Sussex Traveller Action Group failed.

In each instance the committee stated it was unable to prioritise the project within the available funds.