Burgess Hill Biker may never use arm again after horrific crash

A Burgess Hill biker who broke his neck and back in a motorcycle accident has been told he will never use his right arm again.

Mick Turquand, a 55-year-old self-employed builder from Station Road, suffered the life threatening injuries in the horrific accident on High Beeches Lane.

Mick’s friend, Suzanne Marshall, said: “He has lost the use of one arm permanently, so his whole life has changed now.”

His fiancée, Dawn McDermott, added: “He knows deep down he may not get back the use of his arm, it seemed too far damaged, but he’s a right tough old cookie.”

Mick was transferred to Haywards Heath on Tuesday, and is hoping to be move on to Stanmore soon to have specialist care, keeping hopes alive that he may regain the use of his arm.

Dawn looks after Mick’s mother, who has diabetes.

“She wants to get over there and visit him but she has shingles, she can’t go because she’s too frail,” Dawn explained.

“She has a cold and cough, she’s too infectious, but she can speak to him on the phone now even though she is deaf because she has an adapted telephone.”

Until his neck brace was removed recently Mick could not even speak to people on the phone. But he has had many visitors, and an event raised £2,000 on Saturday to support him as the self employed builder has been relying on donations since his accident.

One donation was of £150 from a complete stranger, who Dawn described as a ‘special guy’.

Mick was in an induced coma for five days as he suffered severe pain and hallucinations.Dawn continued: “When he woke up I remember walking in, he smiled at me and said ‘I don’t know where I’ve been’.”

“He told me the true extent of what happened, it’s terrifying, he flew across into the bushes and down to the trees.

“It did so much damage, especially his right hand side and his back.But his bruises are gone now so he doesn’t look quite as beaten up.”

Dawn explained that Mick, who usually has a clean shaven head and face, has grown a beard in hospital.

She said: “I think he looks quite rugged but his friend came to visit the other day and said ‘Mick, you’ve got your head on upside down’.It made him laugh, but he said ‘you can’t make me laugh it hurts too much’, he’s still got a wicked sense of humour.”

Mick has been told he will be home in six months.

Dawn added: “My feeling is it won’t be, it will be well before, he’s so determined, he wants to come home.”

If you want to donate to Mick contact Dawn on dawn.mcdermott@hotmail.co.uk