Brothers join forces for World Cup song

TWO brothers are hoping their World Cup song will propel them to stardom.

Football-mad Steve and John Tapp make up The Credits, an Indie modern band that could be compared to Oasis.

Football fans Steve and John Tapp

Football fans Steve and John Tapp

Last year, after the England versus Scotland friendly match, Steve decided to write ‘For England’.

The 50-year-old, of Durrington Gardens, Durrington, said: “I am a massive England and Manchester United fan and I absolutely loved the Three Lions song, but it is eight years since that first came out and I thought it would be nice to do a new and original song. I penned it last year and then finished the arrangement after playing it to my brother, who approved.

“It is similar to Three Lions as that is the kind of style that we like. I am a Mod through and through and I grew up listening to bands like The Who and The Jam.

“I also play guitar and I love Brit pop music as well.”

The brothers recorded the song in November last year and to date it has had around 3,200 YouTube hits. But they were disappointed to learn that Worthing-based radio station Splash FM would not play the song because they are an unsigned act.

Steve, who has written 80 original songs, said: “Our aim is to get the single listened to in order to take it a little bit further.

“The Roger the Mascot song by the Mansfield Indie-funk band has got the backing of where they are from and we want to get our single out there in the same way so that people can hear it.

“Now that Gary Barlow’s Greatest Day has been binned through bad publicity, now seems the perfect time for the public to get behind us.

“We have actually had people asking to hear it and some have said it is better than Three Lions which is a huge compliment.

“If this single can take off, this could lead to us getting some sort of deal.”

John, 46, of Shelley Road, Worthing, said: “It is the World Cup so it is a big deal and we wanted to embrace it and support our team.

“This song is the perfect way to do that and we hope that people take the time to listen to it because we are really proud of the song.”

The brothers formed the band in 2008 but as they do not have a live act, hired session players to record the single, including saxophonist Steve Turner who played for Madness for nine years.

Mother Geraldine said: “I am a very proud mum and I love the song so I am hoping that the boys do well from it.

“There are not very many credible World Cup songs out there but this is one.”

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