Brass band’s Germany tour ends with ice bucket challenge

Conductor Steve Winter completing the ice bucket challenge
Conductor Steve Winter completing the ice bucket challenge

The conductor of the Mid Sussex Brass Band was covered in water and ice at the pinnacle of their trip to Burgess Hill’s twin town of Schmallenberg last weekend.

At the end of a performance of ‘Singing in the Rain’ Steve Winter complete the ice bucket challenge as two of the 24 strong band poured freezing water over their conductor.

Mid Sussex Brass Band

Mid Sussex Brass Band

The band performed five Concerts in the local area and stayed in the Maritim Hotel Graftshaft, it was the band’s seventh festival in total.

This is the 25th anniversary of twinning between Burgess Hill and Schmallenberg and two members of the association, Basil and Mary House, represented Burgess Hill’s Twinning partnership at two receptions in Schmallenberg on Saturday morning, where gifts from the two towns were exchanged.

The Sussex Harmonisers Choir joined the band on the main stage at the Schutzenplatz, Schmallenberg for one performance which concluded with a rousing rendition of “Sussex by the Sea” to a large audience.

The brass band’s first concert was performed at St Georges Factory for the disabled in Schmallenberg on Friday morning.

Band member Paul Homewood said: “This has become a regular engagement for our band and once again we were greatly appreciated by the workers and staff and treated to a meal after the concert.”

“We then performed two concerts in Schmallenberg on Saturday, first in West Strasse, set up on the Schmallenberg Woche Festival years, for the local SchmallenbergStadtkappelle Band and other bands and Musical groups to perform on during the Festival.”

The band were well received and appreciated by the large audience. As is customary during the Woche, West Strasse was closed off to traffic and was packed with people visiting market stalls selling a multitude of local wines, beers, hand crafted gifts and foodstuffs.

“We then made our way up the cobbled street to the main stage in the Schuttzsenplatz and played a rousing programme that delighted the large audience.

Between concerts band members enjoyed Water Polo in the Hotel Swimming Pool, Ten Pin Bowling and walking in the hills enjoying the magnificent scenery in and around Schmallenberg.

The band also performed at the Schuttes Hotel in Oberkirchen.

They performed “Singing in the Rain”, at the end of which conductor Steve Winter completed the ice bucket challenge after accepting the challenge from band member Ben Day.

At the end of the piece Steve was ceremoniously doused with Iced water from two buckets by band members Emilie Denyer and Mike Lock, to the delight and amusement of the audience and band.

The band next visit Schmallenberg in 2016.