Boxes brighten up Christmas for the poor

St Nicolas and St Mary pupils with the shoeboxes
St Nicolas and St Mary pupils with the shoeboxes

CHILDREN in Shoreham have been collecting Christmas presents to help families in Eastern Europe.

Pupils at St Nicolas and St Mary Primary School, in Eastern Avenue, have been taken part in the annual Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal.

A total of 152 shoeboxes were filled by the children and their families, an increase of 32 on last year’s figure.

Head teacher David Etherton said: “In the run up to Christmas, it is good to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

“It has been thrilling to see our pupils bring in brightly-wrapped gift boxes which will light up the lives of others.”

Mr Etherton said the appeal was an opportunity for the school to give a gift to families or elderly people in Eastern Europe who often had to make a choice between buying food or fuel at Christmas time.

The appeal has been running since 1992 and the idea is to fill the shoebox with items for all members of the family.