Bognor Regis relief road project

WEST Sussex County Council is set to put pen to paper with developers on a contract to build part of a new relief road north of Bognor Regis.

The county council has agreed the design of the North Bersted Northern Relief Road with Berkeley Homes and Persimmon Homes and are poised to enter into a legal agreement.

The project, which includes the Chichester Road Roundabout built in 2011, will cost approximately £4.2m to construct.

The works are due to commence on Monday, June 11 and are expected to last for 15 months.

The single carriageway road will be built in two phases and once finished will be 1.7 kilometres long and have a capacity in excess of 15,000 vehicles a day.

During Phase One a surcharge embankment will be built from recycled earth to stand approximately four metres high, 20 metres wide and one kilometre in length. These works are expected to last three months.

The surcharge embankment and new road will bisect Shripney Lane and turn it into two cul-de-sacs, with new turning and cycling facilities.

Phase Two will start about six months after the ground beneath the embankment has settled and is strong enough to support the weight of the road and future traffic.

Any surplus surcharge embankment material will be removed to form the foundation of the new relief road – which at its highest point will be about two metres above the existing ground level.

Phase Two also includes the construction of the carriageway and the Rowan Way Roundabout.

There will be no disruption to traffic using the existing road network, apart from the closure of Shripney Lane to through traffic until the Rowan Way Roundabout is built in July and August 2013.

The relief road is expected to be completed and ready for the general public to use by September 2013.

Deputy Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, John O’Brien, said: “Delivering this new relief road is the key to unlocking the potential of this part of West Sussex.

“For years the local business community have informed us that building the road was vital for the regeneration of the area, so we are delighted to announce this is happening.”

The Felpham section of the Bognor Regis Northern Relief Road, between the new A29 Roundabout and the proposed Stanover Lane Roundabout, is expected to be ready for use towards the end of 2014.