Blanket testing

FIREFIGHTERS are urging residents to take up a free electric blanket test to help them stay safe in bed this winter.

The free tests will be available at selected venues across the county from Monday to Friday October 10-14.

The testing week is being sponsored by Comfy Quilts Ltd, a leading manufacturer for Silentnight, and they will be offering vouchers for a brand new replacement under-blanket to the first 200 residents whose blanket is found to have a potentially dangerous fault.

Jackie Boyle, Community Fire and Road Safety Officer, said: “Last year 108 of the 268 blankets we tested had a fault, which is a worrying 40 per cent.

“Such a high proportion really highlights the value of getting them checked regularly.”

“Every year, nationally, there are around 1000 fires caused by unsafe electric blankets and sadly, many people are seriously injured and some even killed.

“The elderly can be especially vulnerable, which is why we’re urging people to take up the free test.

“We’re really pleased that Comfy Quilts in association with Silentnight are supporting this event - it ensures that blankets that are a potential fire risk will be binned and replaced by new ones, giving people real peace of mind” added Jackie.

Bob Moryoussef, Managing Director of Comfy Quilts, said: “We’re delighted to work with the Fire & Rescue Service and sponsor what is a really important service.

“It is worrying to think how many people may be putting their lives at risk every winter by using faulty electric blankets.

“This testing week should mean we get many dangerous blankets out of people’s homes and they’ll be sleeping safer at night.”

Booking is by appointment only, please call 01243 642124 to find your nearest venue. All venues have disabled access.