Better 30mph control

RE your article about 20mph speed limits. whilst I am broadly in favour of such a limit in those areas where small schools are immediately adjacent to roads, to reduce all to such speeds even in small villages will be sending us back to the days of coach and horses transport wise and also will only capture part of the problem.

Surely the Local/Highways and Sussex Camera Partnership would be better off capturing the majority of the road areas by concentrating on the 30mph and 40mph limited areas.

I have sought better 30mph control in Eastergate where the A29 travels north up Fontwell Avenue to the A27 for nearly 15 years and have very recently written to the Sussex Camera Partnership (SCP) seeing if there is some way in which the parish members making use of these hand held cameras to track speeding cars through the village can help the enforcement aspect that sadly does not appear to be of interest to the police or the above bodies judging by the lack of action. As yet no response from the mail to SCP using their mail site address has been received!

Considering the greater volume of the public that would be better protected by a well enforced 30mph and 40mph set of limits surely this is a campaign that has higher value than smaller areas with a lower speed restriction.

Michael Clifton

Address supplied