Ben mixes with a galaxy of stars after casting his magical spell

Ben Taylor with Phil Jupitus and Eamon Holmes
Ben Taylor with Phil Jupitus and Eamon Holmes

Phil Jupitus, Eamonn Holmes, and David Blaine, are just some of the stars talented magician Ben Taylor has been mixing with since appearing in the Observer.

In January, we reported how magician Ben, 22, dreamt of getting his big break. He had already tasted success after a video of his magic tricks was chosen to feature on the website of Liam Gallagher’s clothing line, Pretty Green.

But since appearing in the Observer Ben has starred on television programme, Off the Bar, on Loaded TV, employed his own manager, and met a whole host of stars, including, soap star Ann-Marie Davies, retired footballers Rodney Marsh and Les Strong, and Soccer Saturday presenters Tony Gale and Paul Walsh.

Ben from Tilgate, whose stage name is the Magic Mod, is heavily influenced by the Mods and combines his magic with the 60’s fashion style.

Ben said: “It has been amazing. I was contacted by David Blaine (illusionist and magician). I think someone put me in a conversation with him on Twitter.

“He started to follow me and I thought this is unreal. I private messaged him asking for any advice as I wanted to do a trick where I chain myself up. He got back to me and told me how to pull it off and then sent me a link to a clip from his DVD to help me. It was unbelievable.

“I also did some work with Phil Jupitus (comedian) and I showed him a few tricks.

“I also went on Off the Bar on Loaded TV, that is where I met Eamonn Holmes (TV presenter and news reader). We were both guests on the programme, it was unbelievable. I opened it with one of my magic tricks, and then they went into talking about football. They then spoke to Eamonn Holmes and I came in and did a magic trick to him and closed the show.”

Modest Ben said despite his success, the one thing he was proudest of was the support he gets from people.

He said: “The thing I am most proud of is, when I am up there, knowing that people support what I do. People want to help me and follow my dream. I have always wanted to do this because I have a passion for it. For people to be coming up to me now and saying I saw you on the tv is unbelievable.

“After I done the filming with Eamonn Holmes he came up to me, and said, I have seen David Blaine, and what you showed me was the best I have ever seen. For someone to say that was amazing.

“When people say to me you are really good, it is hard for me to believe, it is something I have always loved to do.”

Ben added: “My mum and dad are over the moon, my dad can’t believe it.

“They are both massive supporters. They say I have been working hard, and it seems to be paying off.”

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