‘Beloved’ tree falls after severe weather

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THIS was the scene on a Horsham road after severe weather ripped through the district last week.

The Oak tree on Hawkesbourne Road, described as ‘beloved’ by one resident, slammed to the ground late Saturday night.

Claire Whitehead contacted the County Times to say: “Our beloved Oak tree has fallen during the night narrowly missing neighbouring bungalows.

“It luckily fell away from everything, it could have fallen on telephone lines and cars.

“We heard chain saws around 1.30am cutting the fallen tree from a neighbours front door step.”

She added: “I have been here all my life, 23 years, and never thought I’d see the day where the oak tree where we used to play fall to the ground. Hawkesbourne Road wont look the same once it has cut up and taken away.”

There were no reports of injury.