Belle in blue who wants to be Bluebell

S09522H13 Steyning girl  Bernadette Sparks is hoping to audition for the Paris Bluebells
S09522H13 Steyning girl Bernadette Sparks is hoping to audition for the Paris Bluebells

A STEYNING girl is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her mentor by auditioning for a prestigious Paris dancing troupe.

Bernadette Sparks, 21, of Shooting Field, is hoping to audition for the Paris Bluebells under the guidance of former model Debby Holmes.

Debby, of Church Street, Steyning, has been searching for three years to put someone forward for the Bluebells and after spotting Bernadette, said she instantly knew she had all the star ingredients.

Bernadette said: “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s very glamorous and appealing. It’s very exciting.”

Debby, who used to live in Worthing, featured in the Herald in 1978, as she danced with the Bluebells for a year.

The Bluebells embody Parisian chic, performing cabaret in heavy jewels, feathers and nine-inch heels.

They recruit dancers from all over the world but have strict entry requirements.

Debby said: “It’s very rare that a girl has all the ingredients. Height, leg length, dancing ability. I’ve seen hundreds of people but only one girl has fit.”

Standing at 5ft 9½in tall, Bernadette has been dancing since she was 15, learning contemporary and belly dancing. “I’ve always enjoyed learning and trying to be everything I can be,” she said.

Debby described herself as a “naïve 18-year-old who hadn’t really been anywhere” when she first joined the Paris Bluebells. But she went on to model for fashion houses like Hugo Boss, become a Pretty Polly leg model and set up her Top Model agency and Model Info Bureau businesses.

After spotting Bernadette last summer, Debby has been mentoring her and feels she has a lot of potential.

Bernadette added: “It’s nice to think of myself as someone following in her footsteps – she has had a spectacular career.”

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