Behind-the-scenes tour uncovers port history

Visitors are given a briefing outside Nautilus House
Visitors are given a briefing outside Nautilus House

PLACES on the Shoreham Port Heritage Open Days tour were fully booked as people snapped up the chance to see behind the scenes.

The group of 30 were shown behind the scenes to learn more about the port and a coach was provided so they could see as much of Shoreham Harbour as possible.

As it was aimed at people interested in history, it meant the port authority picked up information, as well as passing it passed on.

Tony Parker, director of engineering, explained: “Being a heritage group tour, many people were very knowledgeable about the history of the harbour.

“The information flow wasn’t one way by any means. It was very enjoyable being able to discuss the history of the port with people so interested in how it has become the thriving commercial port it is today.”

Back in June, Shoreham Port was approached by Nick Tyson from The Regency Town House in Brighton regarding involvement in this year’s Heritage Open Days.

The society works to raise the profile of Brighton and Hove as an historic location and encourages the better preservation of the city’s built heritage.

The national Heritage Open Days celebrate England’s architecture and culture, offering free access to places that are usually closed to the public or that normally charge for admission.

Mr Tyson was keen for Shoreham Port to act as an open day venue and provide a tour for members of the public. The authority said it was only too happy to help and Mr Parker set about planning the route for the tour.

One member of the group said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. It was a real eye opener and it was great to be able to visit areas of the port that are normally off limits to the public. I would love to come back.”