‘Beer and banter’ micro pub to revive historic Star Inn

A CENTURY after The Star Inn in Shoreham shut up shop, a new micro pub may open on the former public house site.

A planning application has been received to open the first micro pub in Shoreham at 16a/b High Street.

Bringing history to life on Church Street where The Star Inn stood on the former ‘Star Lane’, two beer buddies plan to open the Old Star micro pub.

Marc Kent, 52, and Hugh Robinson, 52, have known each other since they were six years old and due to their love of beer and real ale decided they wanted to open a micro pub in ‘up and coming’ Shoreham.

If the application is approved by the council, the micro pub will offer a ‘unique’ appeal for drinkers to enjoy an evening which is different to many other pubs.

Micro pubs are small pubs and replicate how pubs used to be more than 100 years ago. There is a strong focus on community and they are becoming increasingly popular with people seeking to socialise in an alternative environment than noisy pubs offer.

Micro pubs have no music, TV, karaoke, alcopops or spirits; instead they offer cider, beer and ale as well as pub snacks in a small, friendly and chatty atmosphere.

Hugh, who currently lives in Peacehaven, said: “We are a peaceful bunch who just want a beer and chat.

“I’ve been into real ale for many years and did want to become a micro brewer but there are too many around and then my mate visited one Christmas and told us about a micro pub he had been to and I suddenly realised that’s what I needed to do. We have been to the British beer festival and the River fest to drum up support and the response has been fantastic. Micro pubs are about beer and banter. While pubs are shutting, mirco pubs are thriving, and turning this old shop into a mircro pub is our way of fighting back.”

The two plan to serve cask ale, cask cider, Perry, soft drinks such as dandelion and burdock and small selection of wines. They plan to open from mid-morning until about 9pm.

Marc, a toastmaster, said: “Everything will be from Sussex. We will serve simple cold food such as farmhouse cheese and chutneys and pork pies.

“Inside will be wooden, with ale jugs along the tables, an oak bar, snug tables, a big picture of the former pub as it was and old-style frosted windows. We will go with the flow and get in what people like and request. We want to have some kind of loyalty card and also perhaps on a quiet Tuesday winter evening have beer tasting with a local brewer for a talk and taste session.”

The target determination date for the application is September 17. For more information, visit the Old Star Ale and Cider House Facebook page.